Wendy-Ann Smith

Wendy-Ann Smith, is a highly accomplished coaching psychologist, speaker, researcher, author, and educator who has made significant contributions to the coaching industry. Her expertise in project management and knowledge curation has been instrumental in curating and managing the first Ethics in Coaching International conferences, where she brought together renowned experts from around the world to expand ethical awareness in the field of coaching. Wendy-Ann's contributions to the coaching industry include co-founding the Coaching Ethics Forum, founding and editing the Journal of Coaching Ethics, and serving as a president and membership coordinator of non-profit associations. Recently, Wendy-Ann's research has focused on coaches' wellbeing and ethical reflections, which are critical areas in coaching. Her research has resulted in several publications that provide valuable insights and guidance for coaches looking to improve their practice. She regularly coaches a small number of one-to-one clients and designs and delivers lectures, training, and workshops internationally. As a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Positive Psychology at Buckinghamshire New University, UK, and Ethics group discussion lead at the Institute of Coaching, she is highly respected in the coaching community. Wendy-Ann's expertise in coaching psychology, positive psychology, and ethical awareness and practice make her a valuable resource for coaches looking to improve their practice. Her recent publications, including "Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace" (2021) and "The Ethical Coaches' Handbook: A Guide to Developing Ethical Maturity in Practice" (2023), and "Ethical Case Studies for Coach Development and Practice: A Coach's Companion" (2023) provide valuable insights and guidance for coaches looking to improve their well-being and practice. Overall, Wendy-Ann's expertise, research, and publications have made her a leading expert in the coaching industry, and her contributions are invaluable to anyone seeking to develop as a coach.